Unheard of Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

It is all about promoting on YouTube. Once you’ve created your channel and began uploading videos, it is up to you to bring people your way to watch what you’ve uploaded. It is imperative to get people to watch your videos, of course, if success is desired. Although it might not seem so hard, consider the fact that thousands of other people are doing the same thing as you and it is easy to understand the difficulty. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to help yourself find access when promoting your videos. Read below to learn some of the best, most unheard of methods of promoting your videos and be sure to put these techniques to use without delay.

Boost Your View Count

Buy YouTube views

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Social Media

Social media offers numerous techniques that help you get your videos out there to a larger audience. Use as many of these techniques as possible and it won’t take long to see success. Options include:

·    Post links to your videos in groups on Facebook that cater to your product/business/service

·    Create your own Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. pages with your brand/product/service

·    Advertise your videos on your own page making sure to link to your YouTube channel

·    Ask friends to share your videos

These are only a handful of the many ways to use social media to your advantage when promoting your videos. Be sure to use each of these techniques to get the results that you want.


Ask your fans to subscribe to your channel and to your newsletter! Each week, semi-week, or month, send a newsletter with information pertaining to your video. Make it a fun, informative newsletter and ensure that links to your videos are included.

Blog & Vlog About It

Blogs and vlogs are popular and there are millions of them in circulation as we speak. It is time to jump on the bandwagon and write about it, too. You can include links to your videos in your blog or direct listeners where to go in a vlog. Many people find these methods of promotion quite successful and so can you.

YouTube is the world’s biggest videos sharing social site for a reason. Millions of people visit the site every single day looking for videos to watch, whether it is music, comedy, something scary, or something else. Using it to promote your work is beneficial and can lead you to the success that you crave, whether it is money, fame, or more that you seek. Let the ideas above guide you in the right direction and get where you want to be, all while using YouTube. Does it get any better than this?